Today's Australian Dollar Rates for Foreign Exchange and Money Transfer from India

Buy AUD Forex Card 50.5929
Sell AUD Forex Card 50.129
Buy AUD Wire Transfer 50.8229
Buy AUD Currency Notes 51.3575
Sell AUD Traveler Cheques 49.0587
Sell AUD Currency Notes 50.607
Buy AUD Traveler Cheques 50.8488
Buy AUD Demand Draft 50.8229

Australian Dollar Rates in Khanna

The foreign exchange market in India is currently plagued by many loopholes in policies & regulations, making it very disorganized. Mr. Sudarshan Motwani, who has headed the foreign exchange function at some of the leading Indian Banks, established BookMyForex in 2012 to address these issues and streamline the forex business in the country.

Australian Dollar exchange rates today in Khanna are not really easy to find on any website. It is only BookMyForex that now provides live and real time Australian Dollar exchange rates today in Khanna. BookMyForex also allows you to lock-in the live Australian Dollar exchange rates today in Khanna to exchange currency. Most websites and currency exchangers provide only the base rate/ interbank rate as “today’s AUD rate in Khanna”, which is not really the rate at which currency is exchanged. Forex dealers keep a significant margin over and above “today’s AUD rate in Khanna” to hedge against any AUD price fluctuation in the global market. So the norm of “today’s AUD rate in Khanna” is just an easy way for forex dealers to make a few extra bucks.

The Company’s offerings of forex and related services are already available across the country and include currency exchange, AUD currency notes, AUD forex cards, AUD traveler’s cheques or remittance products such as AUD demand drafts and AUD wire transfers.Orders are delivered at our own branches or at the branches of ING Vysya bank and Axis bank, our banking partners in India.

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